Welcome To

Tacoma Country & Golf Club

Exclusive community full of private residences.

Welcome to Tacoma Country & Golf Club and Madera

Exclusive community full of private residences

The Tacoma Country & Golf Club is surrounded by mainly residential areas. Set on the shores of American Lake, the private estates of this lush, affluent neighborhood feel removed from the bustle of commercial activity.

Famed as one of the best courses on the West Coast, but it’s also the oldest golf course west of the Mississippi River and continues to be the longest operating course in the West. It was founded in 1894 by Alexander Baillie and a group of English and Scotsmen who missed playing the game in their home countries.

Nearby, Madera is a highly sought-after gated community full of private residences. The entire area surrounding the Tacoma Country & Golf Club is full of sprawling estates set on large lots. Living here is the height of luxury and affluence in the area.

What to Love 

  • Tacoma Country & Golf Club
  • Beautiful Lakewold Gardens
  • Charming annual community events

​​​​​​​People & Lifestyle 

This community is private and removed from the bustle of the rest of Lakewood, though close enough to still be convenient for its residents. Families and retirees thrive here, and there are many families who have generational homes in the area. Madera is not part of TC&GC but offers a similar amount of exclusivity and is a much sought-after gated community that boasts an abundance of amenities. 

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping 

Shopping is limited, and you’ll most likely have to visit one of the surrounding neighborhoods for larger stores, but there are a handful of gems in the area.

Visit Lakewood Towne Center is just up the road in the heart of Lakewood, and it’s the most convenient place to get all your ritual shopping done in the area. It has large stores mixed with restaurants and smaller local fare. 

Dining at Tacoma Club & Golf Course’s 1894 Bar & Grill is the perfect way to unwind after a day of fun on the water or the green. Pizza Casa is a family-style Italian restaurant that cooks meals the Old World way, which means all of their ingredients are fresh and the process is slow. So settle in and sip on some wine because dinner here is well worth the wait.

Things to Do 

What it lacks in shopping within its borders, this community more than makes up for with a wide array of activities. The Tacoma Country & Golf Club is the crowning jewel here, but there are beautiful places and festivities to be found all throughout the area.

Tacoma Country & Golf Club has graced the shores of American Lake for a century, and its members have access to swimming facilities, tennis courts, and a boat dock. However, golf is the focal point here, and the club’s 18-hole championship golf course hosts both amateur and pro golf events. Music From Home is a concert series hosted by Lakewold Gardens that puts marginalized musicians front and center. Lakewold also hosts the magical and family-friendly Fairy Fest. When it’s not hosting events, Lakewold Gardens is magical enough in its own right. This botanical garden is a 10-acre, non-profit establishment with a historic estate onsite. 

For a peek at one of the most regal residences in the area, visit Villa Madera, and if you find yourself still looking for a piece of magic, Thornewood Castle is a 500-year-old Tudor Gothic home that feels like it stepped out of the pages of a storybook. 


Tacoma Country & Golf Club and Madera are served by the Clover Park School District. Top educational opportunities include:

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